Our History

Serving Aurora Since 1934

Frank Marshall Electric started as Frank Michaels Electric in 1934. The company was long entrenched in the railroad and booming factory industry in Aurora, Illinois.

Frank Michaels Electric was a company that thrived in a bygone era when industrial towns were King. Frank Michaels was a successful Electrical Contracting firm during a time when the railroad became the area’s largest employer, locating its repair and railcar construction shops there. The repair shop necessitated the building of a roundhouse, the largest stone roundhouse constructed in the country. So having an Electrical Contracting firm in place to serve the railroad’s needs was a necessity.

Aurora continued to be a manufacturing powerhouse, and in 1964, Frank Michaels became Frank Marshall Electric. Industries such as Dial Soap and wastewater treatment facilities were just starting out in the area; and Frank Marshall was poised to capture that type of work. The railroad shops, which once employed 2,500 and covered 70 acres, closed in 1974, and the push into the 1980′s became more industrial and hospital work as the population grew. In the 1980′s, even when many factories started to close, Frank Marshall Electric found a very special niche servicing residents in the community. Frank Marshall also responded to the downturn of factories by welcoming a riverboat casino to its downtown, developing the area around the casino, developing nearby residential communities and, most importantly, creating multiple business parks on the outer edges of the city.

Today, Aurora is enjoying a population resurgence, having increased more than 40 percent between 1990 and 2000, and continuing on today. Frank Marshall Electric continues to move and expand into the area and grow with the community.


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